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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

What’s this? Three posts on the same day? I know, it’s hard to believe.

As you can see in the photo, it’s not nearly as nice in Seattle this evening as it was yesterday. Yes, it’s snowing. I hate snow. I’ve lived in real snow and I never want to be around it again. Thankfully, it never seems to snow much in Seattle. A light dusting is all we ever get.

As I was standing in the snow shooting photos tonight, I talked to more random people than I normally do in months of walking around downtown. I guess snow makes people more friendly or something. Pretty much everyone else seemed happy about the weather. Except, perhaps, the police officer — he seemed a little less than thrilled about the night that lay ahead for him.

I’m going to go to sleep and hope it’s all gone when I wake up!

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