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PF, LS & CSz in LA. Go us!
Monday, March 5th, 2007

As many of you already know, Becky and I went to Los Angeles last weekend. The Office session at Paley Fest is what brought the trip about, but hanging out with our friends was really the highlight of the weekend. It was so great to meet so many great folks we’d never met before, and to spend time with such wonderful people. I only wish we could have stayed for longer!

Here are some photos from our trip. We’re usually really good at taking photos. On most vacations, we come back with hundreds (or thousands) of photos. But for some reason, we didn’t take nearly enough this time around. I think we were too distracted with all the other stuff going around to remember to pull out the camera!

Us in the hotel room right before heading out to Paley.

The Paley-going gang after the show.

Playing with Wendy’s dog Cannon.

Jennie and I at iO West before The Lampshades.

Kevin, Tori, me and Becky.

Becky, Wendy and me.

Me and Karly Rothenberg.

Me, Kate Flannery and Becky after The Lampshades.

Scot Robinson and me.

The ComedySportz-going gang after the show.

Finally, this nice lady asked us for a picture, so we went along with it.

Thanks to everyone we met and hung out with for an awesome weekend!

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