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More improv video
Sunday, March 11th, 2007

I’ve finished uploading the rest of the videos from our improv show. All of the ones I was in were included in my last post, but you can now see the whole improv 200 performance on this YouTube Playlist.

I also uploaded a video of the Improv 500 performance from that show. I wasn’t involved in it, but several of my friends were in it. They did a cool longform improvised film noir. It’s very different from what we did, and I think it’s worth checking out!

Special thanks to Becky for shooting all the video of the 200 show! I’m to blame for any bad camera work in the 500 show. But I have a couple of excuses: I didn’t have a tripod (the camera was just on a monopod), and our lame camcorder can’t zoom out wide enough to get the entire stage all at once. I did my best!

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