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Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I would apologize for the bad pun in the title of this post, but I think it may be so bad as to not even qualify as a pun.

After much complaining, hand wringing and web searching, I gave in and bought a ReadyNAS NV+. Since the party poopers discontinued the diskless version, I ordered the 1x500GB model, and separately ordered a couple more 500GB disks from NewEgg. If you’re interested in taking this route, you may want to hurry. There are signs that the 1x500 model has also been discontinued — it’s not shown on the Netgear site at all — but some are apparently available still.

With the diskless version out of the picture, it wasn’t quite as much of a slam dunk decision, but I think it’s still a reasonable value. Once I get it, set it up and figure out the rest of my new photo archiving workflow, I’ll report back.

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