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My computer wants me to be fat
Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

I’ve been trying to go to the gym regularly. Really, I have. I’m not as good at it as some of my friends, but I’m trying. Despite that, I didn’t make it at all last week (being on-call for work is my excuse — being paged in the middle of a workout sucks). Finally, last night I went. It was a big accomplishment.

I don’t really mind going most of the time, but I hate doing cardio. It’s sooooo boring. Thankfully, I have my iPod to keep me company. That’s the only way I can stay sane while I’m doing cardio. So you’ll understand why I was upset when I climbed onto the elliptical trainer last night, fired up my iPod and discovered that it was completely empty. Not a single song, not one tv show. Nothing. ARGH!!! That was it. I immediately got off the machine, went to the locker room and changed to go home. I’d been defeated.

I’m blaming my work computer for this disaster. I plugged my iPod into it during the day yesterday to charge it, because the battery was really low. iTunes on my work computer doesn’t have any music in it, so obviously I don’t want to sync that library onto my iPod. I’m sure I told it not to sync when I plugged the iPod in. Yet for some reason, it apparently did anyway. The only conclusion I can reach is that my work computer wants to keep me from going to the gym. It wants me to be fat.

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