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It’s about time…
Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Many of you have heard at least something about the struggle we’ve had getting our master bathroom remodeled. I won’t recount the whole saga here, but suffice it to say it’s been stressful. It is now, at last, done. (Well, 99.9% done — there are a couple of small things to finish up). I wouldn’t say I’d do it all over again, but it is definitely a huge improvement. Continue reading to see the before and after photos.

When we bought the house, the master bathroom was really bad.

Pink! The walls were pink, the ceiling was pink, the tile was pink, the blinds were pink, the shelves were pink. At least the toilet wasn’t pink! The floor was carpeted too. Who puts carpet in a bathroom???

Here is the layout of the bathroom as it was when we got it.

Before we moved in, we painted the walls white to tone down the pinkness. But we didn’t really have the time, energy or money to re-do the whole thing. So the pink tile, gross carpet and small shower stall remained. Late last year we finally decided to do something about it. Without really knowing anything about remodeling, I drew this layout.

That plan actually turned out to be pretty similar to the final result. The pocket door had to change out for a normal door because there were pipes and heating ducts in the way in the wall. The positioning of the tub is a little different, the heating vent went in a different spot and the shower door is in a different place. But other than that, the first design worked fairly well. Here’s what it ended up looking like.

It’s way better than the old bathroom. It’s not a huge room, and the new design wastes a lot less space. The heated floors are awesome. And I love the rain shower. Still, was it worth all the time and stress? Hard call…

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