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TIBTIL: Mastercool Infrared Thermometer
Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Ok, this technically isn’t something I bought that I love — it was a gift. But it’s a very cool gadget, and I do love it. It’s a Mastercool 52224-A Infrared Thermometer. It looks like a little gun. You just point it at something and it instantly tells you the temperature. Cool! (Or “hot!” as the case may be.)

See? Cool!

See? Hot!

See? Even hotter!

I know I’m a major geek, but it’s very fun to be able to instantly tell the temperature of anything in the house. I can tell how cold different areas of the fridge are. I can tell how hot different parts of the oven or grill are. I can see how hot the gear in the entertainment center is getting. Nifty! Apparently this is really supposed to be some sort of automotive tool, but I doubt I’ll actually ever use it for that kind of thing.

Since I’m in the process of seeing how hot different things are, I’ll do this last one. Just for you, Jennifer ;-)

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