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iPhone 3G availability misinformation
Sunday, July 13th, 2008

You know that nifty “Check iPhone Availability” page on Apple’s website? The one that’s supposed to help you avoid a trip to an Apple Store that has no iPhones? Yeah, it doesn’t work. At all. It claimed that the Bellevue store had all models in stock today. But when I arrived this morning before they opened, the helpful and friendly employees told me that the online checker is wrong, and should basically be avoided because they have no idea where the data is coming from. Neat.

For the record, Bellevue did have some 8GB models in stock, and an apparently minuscule number of white 16GBs, but no black 16GBs. I would have taken a white one, but I was told that there’s no way I’d get one given the number of people already in line. The line was estimated to be 3-4 hours (roughly half an hour before they opened).

So, no iPhone for me today. Maybe later this week, if I get lucky. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Update: I posted some more information about iPhone stock.

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